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24.11.20 - 03.12.20


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Simply achieve more with grinding processes. With digitization, automation, tool management and the excellent measuring technology from ZOLLER.

The global event for tool manufacturers, grinding and sharpening companies 

One topic, three sessions, presented in five languages and all spread over 9 dates around the globe - we thought big for our first global online event ZOLLER75LIVE: ZOLLER GrindTec Solutions. In 2020 ZOLLER will celebrate its 75th anniversary and we think that this is a perfect occasion for something big.  

With this event, we are spanning a wide geographical arc - from Asia to the USA, from Europe to Brazil. But we are focusing on a single topic that is of utmost importance to tool manufacturers, grinding and sharpening companies: efficiency.      

Find out in compact presentations followed by question and answer sessions how you can achieve more with modern tool measurement technology. Get to know measuring machines that provide you with high-precision data on cutting edge preparation and surfaces, and high-end devices that measure contactlessly directly in production.  

Start digitizing with ZOLLER and let us show you how to automate your production. Get to know two world premiers that have never been shown at a trade fair before. With ZOLLER75LIVE: ZOLLER GrindTec Solutions you are right at the forefront when it comes to efficiency gains.   

Three event highlights for more efficiency 


Non-contact high-precision measurement: »mµFocus« is the µm-accurate inspection device for cutting edge preparation and surface roughness 


"pomBasic" is the compact device for process-oriented measuring and inspection of drills, milling cutters and countersinks directly next to the CNC machine.


»genius« are the universal measuring machines for fully automatic tool inspection. 

The main focuses 

For efficiency gains on many levels 

Maximum benefit

Optimum use of grinding wheels through precise measuring, digital management and smooth data exchange  

Digital twins 

How to increase efficiency with the digital clone of your manufactured tools - for you and your customers 

Manufacturing practice 

Process-oriented measuring directly in the production with »smileCheck«,  »smartCheck« and »pomBasic«


The new world class celebrates its world premiere: The measuring machine with the latest measuring technology and special adaptations for threading tools, micro-geometries, detection and measurement of defects and wear along the cutting edge and many other precision features 

Perfection in use

Non-contact high-end measurement technology in the digitalized process flow: »genius« (NEW), »titan« (NEW) and »threadCheck« (NEW)

More productivity due to smooth data transfer

How ZOLLER's interfaces allow all parties involved in the process to work together perfectly

Efficiency and quality

How to benefit from the advantages of modern tool measuring technology


Step by step to a fully automated grinding process - with hardware, software and know-how from ZOLLER 


The ZOLLER world innovation that uses 3D measuring technology to precisely measure and analyze roughness and cutting edge preparation on a single device

Recognize details 

Rounding, roughness, wear and chipping mobile measurement with  »pomSkpGo« or fully automatic with »edgeControl«

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